Updating sd card reader on pc

03-Dec-2017 17:14

Has anyon eelse experienced this issue, and if so how did you resolve it?

Thanks Hi, I am using a 16GB Sandisk Ultra micro SDHC and another 64GB Sandisk Ultra micro SDXC in my Surface pro 128 that I have had for about a month; I did have a 16GB card inserted for the first 2 weeks using as an additional drive then changed to the 64GB which I mounted as a folder/library.

Both of these - until last week - would read and write to my various SD cards with no problem. But if I double-click on the disk/drive in Explorer it tells me to insert a removeable disk into that particular letter.

I have also determined that Windows know that there's *something* in the drive, as Disk Manager shows a drive of the correct size, with the partition type marked as RAW.

Here’s one input: I installed Windows 8 on a new Samsung Laptop (NP350V5C-A02UK) and the SD card reader is not working.

Called Samsung who advised no driver for Windows 8 available yet.