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The 25-page report states that Buschick and the other student then filled an empty bottle of Dasani water about halfway with vodka and made their way to a house party at a friend’s apartment off campus.Silent killer: According to a police report, Erica and her roommate had polished off two bottles of champagne between the two of them, followed by half a bottle of vodka and additional vodka shots at a house party By 10.45pm, Buschick and her friend drank all of the vodka from the plastic bottle, and their friends then brought out a large bottle of high-end Grey Goose, which they said was filled with cheap vodka.After 'pregaming' with the vodka, the group headed to Brick Street Bar Uptown to continue partying.On the walk over, the report states that Buschick fell and was later deemed too drunk to enter the drinking establishment.All these feelings built into one confusing emotion.Knowing what I know now, though, there really isn't much to be scared about!In order to survive your freshman year of high school, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the layout and rules of the school before the first day of class, be outgoing during and after class, build a solid study and homework plan, participate in class, and guard against negative peer pressure.

Buschick and her roommate eventually got into a cab together and headed back to their dormitory, arriving there sometime after midnight.In either case, you will be able to avoid costly broker fees. This will enable you to obtain some perspective of what’s available in your price range. Before venturing out to view apartments, make a list of things to look. Since most college students do not have an established credit history, the co-signer will need to have strong credit since this person will assume responsibility in the event you are unable to pay the rent.You may also find that the apartment you fell in love with was rented to a prior applicant so it’s always good to have a backup or two. Questions include whether the apartment has working plumbing and electric? Is the apartment located in a commercial district or otherwise noisy area? In most cases, the co-signer will be a parent, other family member or family friend. When you find an apartment and have been approved it will be time to sign the lease.Erica Buschick relished being a student at Miami University in Ohio, so much so that in her final Facebook post in late November, the 18-year-old gushingly wrote: 'I wanna go to college for the rest of my life.'Two months to the day after posting the effusive status update, the young woman was discovered dead in her dormitory room at Morris Hall on campus after a night of what university police have described as 'high-risk alcohol consumption'.

An incident report released last week by the Miami University Police Department detailed the chain of events leading up to Buschick’s death, revealing that the 18-year-old had consumed large quantities of champagne and vodka with friends, had taken multiple falls and had to be escorted back to her room because she was unsteady on her feet.Buschick, a native of Gurnee, Illinois, had just returned to college on the evening of January 19 after spending her winter break at home.