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Earlier this year, Ali admitted to dating Danny Chan, a presenter for Viu TV.The two were seen out on dates on multiple occasions.Like that famous Asan Hospital scandal and she's a heavy smoker too.5. [ 24, -5] This is why public relationships are poisonous to females... [ 22, -0] Yeah, going on that trip to Europe together was a bit overboard, especially so early into the relationship... [ 20, -0] This is why celebrities shouldn't go public.[ 28, -2] They broke up so easily after going on that trip to Europe together... The girl has to be stuck with the tag of being someone's girlfriend for years on end. [ 2,679, -274] They went on that trip way too early into their relationship.5.

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Lead actors Alex Fong (方中信) and Liu Kai-chi (廖啟智) were both absent, but Ali said the two veteran actors will make an appearance when the production crew holds a dinner banquet later this week.

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