Antique cloth dating

17-Jan-2018 23:41

There are truly old dolls and modern reproduction folk art dolls made in tribute to the true old rag dolls and caricature styles.

I am going to share what I know about the dolls made by women for children, both black and white.

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Your fingers stroke the fabric along a garment’s back and neck, hoping to find a label or tag and your much-needed clue to its vintage authenticity.

Your search comes up empty, so you turn the garment inside out to look along the side or bottom seam.

Chemical companies like Du Pont released these marketing names to create incentive for consumers to buy a garment, labels included trade names like “Qiana Nylon” (versus just Nylon) or “Dacron Polyester” (versus just Polyester). 1959 and earlier for numbers listed 00101 to 04086 and post 1959 for numbers listed as 13670 or larger.

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While the color was called antimony or chrome orange in the nineteenth century, historians and collectors often call the color ‘cheddar’ today.

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